Protecting Your Noggin + Partnership

October 13, 2023

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In the heart of Snowbound’s commitment to outdoor living lies a profound dedication to your safety, and there’s no facet of this commitment more essential than safeguarding your noggin (head, hat rack, you get it…). We understand that in winter sports, protecting your head can be the difference between skiing another day and facing a season-ending injury.

That’s why I’m thrilled to align with our friend Casey and the Sweet Protection brand. A brand renowned for designing award-winning protective helmets for all sports. At Snowbound, we believe that your adventures in the great outdoors should be exhilarating yet secure, and Sweet Protection ensures just that.

Picture yourself conquering the steepest slopes, your head cradled by the cutting-edge technology that Sweet Protection helmets offer. These helmets aren’t just accessories; they’re your trusted guardians on the mountain, providing the peace of mind you need to savor every moment.

Just as Snowbound seeks to blend the beauty of nature, the thrill of adventure, and the warmth of community, Sweet Protection fuses style, comfort, and uncompromising protection. Together, we create a synergy that allows you to embrace the mountains with confidence.

With Snowbound and Sweet Protection, you’re not just embarking on a winter sports journey; you’re entering a world where your safety and enjoyment are paramount. We invite you to experience the outdoors, secure in the knowledge that you have the best protection by your side.

Snowbound: Where community, home, adventure, and safety converge. Your path to inspired outdoor living, with Sweet Protection as your trusted companion, starts here!

Craig: Hey Casey, we’re jazzed to have you as a partner for the 2023 Snowbound Giveaway. 
What would you be doing if you weren’t putting the industry’s best helmets on people’s heads?  

Casey: I’d still be working in a capacity to help people enjoy the outdoors. From a young age I gravitated towards the products that allow us to go faster, or further, any adjective you can fathom. Tearing apart bikes and skis to see what makes them function, I have always had a passion for these products that make us feel more-than-human through outdoor sport.

Craig: You talk about “creating superior protection to help people push their boundaries” –  What’s behind the Sweet Protection brand or rather, what’s under the hood that makes it run? What makes it special and unique? The Norwegian roots?

: Great question. Yes, it is our Norwegian roots and their similar identification as outdoor enthusiasts just by way of where they are from and the conditions they experience. You’ll often hear a Norwegian say there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. We believe that wholeheartedly. Behind that philosophy is a brand that applies the best of modern engineering with a lifelong understanding of outdoor sports that is first nature to our founders and everyone who works at Sweet Protection.

Craig: Sweet Protection has had some serious recognition when it comes to “protecting your noggin” – tell us a bit about that – how do helmets get tested? 

Casey: How much time do you have? We will design and test helmets in-house through many renditions, design revisions, and productions. Our founders always say they will never release anything for sale to the public unless it surpasses their expectations and the various certification processes across the world to degrees of 110% or better. We don’t just build to the base standard, we build knowing that you, someone you love, will be wearing our products. We want everyone to ‘Live to play another day’.

Craig: There are a lot of factors influencing the sport of skiing right now – weather, cost, travel -How do you see the sport/lifestyle of skiing change in the next 5-10 years?  How are people embracing safety when it comes to winter sports?

Casey: Despite the costs increasing, more and more people who associate with Sweet will tag their lifestyle as their identifier. We build for those whose identities include snowsports, cycling, or white water as an intrinsic part of who they are. We find these people well educated and concerned for the future of our sports and our natural surroundings that provide for our fun. As a Norwegian company, it’s simply expected to be sustainable…not something to be used as a marketing tool but as a company that makes products that serve the outdoor community, we just simply do. To that end, we focus on products that will last, products that will function when tested in the harshest environments, and that you can trust to return for more, without replacing too often. We find that our quality speaks for itself, and when something is made to the highest standard, it is inherently sustainable and attracts true mountain sports enthusiasts who align with our values.

Craig: Lastly, What’s your favorite resort in CO?  Favorite resort in the World?
Casey: Having the fortune of being born and raised in Colorado and working a vast majority of my life in the outdoor industry, I have too many opinions on this one subject, HA! If I am held to a short answer…I still think the best resort skiing in Colorado, given the right conditions, can be found around Aspen. Outside of Colorado, Jackson Hole and Big Sky have more than could be enjoyed on a weekend trip. If you ask me about the world…the Alps, and Specifically the areas around Zermatt and Chamonix hold special places in my heart.

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