Skis + Pints & Patios

November 20, 2023

Experience Snowbound at Sanitas Brewing  🍻
Snowbound | Bringing Adventure Home

In the heart of Boulder, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Snowbound’s outdoor-focused community, lies a hidden gem that’s redefining the art of building connections and supporting snow sports enthusiasts. Sanitas Brewing with its unique model of “Pints + Patios,” is more than just a brewery; it’s a community leader who understands the essence of bringing people together.

Community leaders play a pivotal role in creating spaces where individuals can get to know one another, fostering bonds that go beyond casual encounters. This sense of community builds relationships and creates an affinity for support and, of course, fun! This is a constant community theme you’ll find when relocating to Boulder, CO.

Sanitas Brewing has mastered this art by offering not only the best patio in Boulder but also serving up mouthwatering tacos and creating an atmosphere that’s simultaneously laid back and family-friendly. It’s a place where the local community and visitors alike can gather, share stories, and create lasting memories.

What makes Sanitas Brewing even more remarkable is its commitment to the spirit of outdoor living right here in Boulder, Colorado perfectly complementing Snowbound’s vision. With the majestic Colorado mountains as a backdrop, guests can enjoy a cold brew on the patio, soak in the mountain air, and forge connections that extend beyond the bar.

In a world where community is cherished, Sanitas Brewing stands as a shining example of how “Pints + Patios” can become a cornerstone of unity, support, and camaraderie. This unique approach to community-building aligns seamlessly with Snowbound’s mission, where the great outdoors and genuine connections are at the forefront of our journey as a real estate company here in Boulder, Co.

Sanitas Brewing; where pints, patios, and the spirit of the community come together to create something truly special in the heart of Boulder. It’s a place where the warmth of relationships meets the embrace of nature’s grandeur, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

Craig: Hey Michael, we’re jazzed to have you as a partner for the 2023 Snowbound Giveaway.  What would you be doing if you weren’t coming up with fresh brews and bringing people together?

Michael: When I’m not dived into all things business, you can find me spending time with my family on or off of the slopes. Our youngest daughter, Ayla, started skiing this year and it’s been a blast to hit the slopes with her and see her discover her enthusiasm for skiing. I also enjoy a good backyard BBQ in the summer, traveling with my family, and discovering new restaurants with my wife, Arlynn. 

Craig: It’s fairly well known at this point (10 years in Boulder, right?! ) that you’ve got some tasty and specific beer options at Sanitas. What’s behind the Sanitas Brewing brand or rather, what’s under the hood that makes it run? What makes it special and unique?

I think the passion behind our beer is what keeps us going. We have brewers on staff who are passionate about crafting great beer and a team who are passionate about serving the liquid and building community around the beers we craft. Several of our beers like the Everyday Mountain Pilsner and the Earl’s Out Earl Grey Sour give back to local organizations, Boulder Open Space Conservancy and Out Boulder County. The Pilsner gives back to BOSC and its restoration efforts on Mount Sanitas, and the Sour gives back to Out Boulder and its LGBTQ+ support efforts in the community.

Craig: There are a lot of factors influencing the sport of skiing right now – weather, cost, travel. You have started a trend by offering one of Boulder’s only Ski Swaps in the fall. This must be part of your model when it comes to building community. How does your own love for skiing weave into the bigger picture at Sanitas?

Skiing has always been something my family and I have done since I was a child, my brother skiing professionally for years. With my own family now, we enjoy spending time on the mountain. The people who visit our taprooms are often people on the go who also love a great outdoor adventure, so hosting the Sanitas annual Ski Swap aligns with not only what I personally love to do, but with what our customers enjoy as well. This ski swap will be our 3rd annual in Boulder and first-ever at our Englewood taproom. 

Craig: Lastly, What’s your favorite resort in CO?  Favorite resort in the World?

My favorite Colorado resort is A-Basin, and in the world is Revelstoke in BC, Canada. 

Learn more about our partnership with Sanitas Brewing in Boulder & become a part of the Snowbound community HERE! 
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