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November 20, 2023

Ski with us and make yourself at home in Colorado
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🏔️ Amundsen Sports: Rekindling the Spirit of Adventure

At the heart of Snowbound and outdoor community, we’ve uncovered a treasure that’s bringing Scandinavian culture to your doorstep in Boulder. Amundsen Sports isn’t just about winter sportswear; it’s about timeless, long-lasting gear that fuses fashion and function, rooted in Norwegian heritage right here in Boulder, CO.

Amundsen Sports understands that adventure is essential, but not taking yourself too seriously is equally vital. Their gear is a testament to this philosophy – stylish, high-tech, and built to endure the rugged beauty of Colorado’s outdoors. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and performance, designed for those who cherish every moment in the wild.

And remember, nature is best enjoyed in the company of good friends. Amundsen Sports embodies the Snowbound spirit of community, where genuine connections are forged over a shared love for the great outdoors. So, whether you’re conquering the peaks or simply savoring a fireside chat, do it with style and warmth, courtesy of Amundsen Sports.

Join us in embracing Amundsen Sports during the Snowbound Winter Giveaway. You’ll be eligible to take home some incredible outerwear and discover the perfect blend of Norwegian roots and Colorado spirit.

Craig: Hey Alex, we’re jazzed to have you as a partner for the 2023 Snowbound Giveaway. 
What would you be doing if you weren’t bringing Amundsen Sports to Boulder? 

Alex: I would be skiing and riding my bike and taking photographs and drinking copious amounts of coffee (much of which I get to do now:)  

Craig: The Amundsen brand talks about “Playing well” – tell us more about how that fits into making super high-quality, technical gear.

Alex: Much of the industry markets the most intense aspects of adventure—Summiting Denali or Skiing in the Fjords of Norway or the like. Our gear will allow you to do those things, but we also believe that the playful days in between are just as important and constitute a majority of our time outside. We make high-quality, natural products that are made with versatility in mind and try to remember the best days 

Craig: What makes it special and unique? The Norwegian roots? 

Alex: What makes it special is twofold: on the one hand, we have this incredible history of Roald Amundsen inspiring our vision with his epic adventures; on the other, our obsessive focus on quality materials and innovative design.

Craig: There are a lot of factors influencing the sport of skiing right now – especially technical gear and pushing the limits. How do you see the sport/lifestyle of skiing change in the next 5-10 years? What can we expect from Amundsen and future technical gear?

Skiing-wise there is no doubt people are exceeding the limits at a younger age than ever… and that’s really fun to watch. I think skiing will continue to grow in popularity, in particular Nordic skiing—something the US hasn’t fully adopted like we have alpine.
 As far as apparel in particular, not that much has changed… and that’s a part of our appeal to older ways of dressing. People have gone to the South Pole and back in wool and waxed cotton but we feel we need a Gore-Tex shell to get our morning coffee. One point of innovation for the future will be in the technical shell category where polyurethane has been king—we will look to make the best-in-class technical shells of natural fibers. 

Craig: Lastly, What’s your favorite resort in CO?  Favorite resort in the World?

Winter Park — too many good childhood memories to list any other. Worldwide, Jackson Hole. 

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