Writing The Story

February 29, 2024

A lot of the real estate journey for me, as a professional, is about setting people up to realize their dreams. The dream home, the mountain getaway, maybe their last forever home, or simply a place to enjoy hobbies, family, and some good O’l fashion tinkering.

I’ve compared the real estate journey to that of “writing a story,” or rather helping clients write the next chapter in their story.

I’m on a particular journey with a client right now that’s included several chapters, several drafts, and iterations. In this particular case, as you’ll see below, this particular client needs a place to tinker, to enjoy hobbies with his children, and to enjoy time building bikes.

Here’s an idea of how I work with my clients and what this particular client’s needs included:
– Editing and drafting of his story, where did he want to end up
– We started with a property search
– A list of needs – wood shop, metal shop, a place for bikes and BMX gear
– Drafts of what a building could look like
– Drafts of how the building fit into a few particular pieces of land
– This was followed by several meetings with the county to verify “use” and applications for concept plans

While this story isn’t written just yet, we’re close to creating a new chapter of many for this client. We set out to set him up for success, and I’m proud to say we’re almost there. Are you considering a project? A land acquisition? Maybe just a conversation and you need to build some concepts around it? I’d be jazzed to be a resource for you and help write a chapter in your story.

– Understanding Surveys & Real Estate Transactions –
My approach to real estate involves strategy to position you for life’s changes as well as setting you up for future economic security. I do this by being a resource long before, during, and after the opportunity to work with you. That’s why I put an immense amount of effort into understanding and delivering information that will help position you to take on the market and any transaction you find yourself in. Interested in discussing more?  Reach out HERE for a chat!