Writing The Story

A lot of the real estate journey for me, as a professional, is about setting people up to realize their dreams. The dream home, the mountain getaway, maybe their last forever home, or simply a place to enjoy hobbies, family, and some good O’l fashion tinkering. I’ve compared the real estate journey to that of “writing a story,” or rather … Read More

The 2024 Market: Growth + Stabilization

2024, The Year of Rising Inventory + A Throttled EconomyI’m not sure about you, and what you’re seeing, but it seems like the US economy is just this phenomena right now. We’ve weathered inflation, data shows that real estate prices bottomed out last summer, and we all assumed higher interest rates would have slowed down or dampened the economy – this is at its core, … Read More

Living In Boulder

Love Where You Live Just a few things we cherish about living in Boulder at 5430 ft. Boulder, Colorado is an attractive destination for many people due to its stunning natural surroundings, thriving economy, renowned University of Colorado, and vibrant outdoor fitness culture. Let’s take a look at some key aspects that make owning real estate and living in Boulder … Read More