Writing The Story

A lot of the real estate journey for me, as a professional, is about setting people up to realize their dreams. The dream home, the mountain getaway, maybe their last forever home, or simply a place to enjoy hobbies, family, and some good O’l fashion tinkering. I’ve compared the real estate journey to that of “writing a story,” or rather … Read More

The 2024 Market: Growth + Stabilization

2024, The Year of Rising Inventory + A Throttled EconomyI’m not sure about you, and what you’re seeing, but it seems like the US economy is just this phenomena right now. We’ve weathered inflation, data shows that real estate prices bottomed out last summer, and we all assumed higher interest rates would have slowed down or dampened the economy – this is at its core, … Read More

The Spirit of Adventure. Amundsen Sports

Ski with us and make yourself at home in ColoradoSnowbound | Bringing Adventure Home 🏔️ Amundsen Sports: Rekindling the Spirit of Adventure At the heart of Snowbound and outdoor community, we’ve uncovered a treasure that’s bringing Scandinavian culture to your doorstep in Boulder. Amundsen Sports isn’t just about winter sportswear; it’s about timeless, long-lasting gear that fuses fashion and function, rooted in Norwegian … Read More

Skis + Pints & Patios

Experience Snowbound at Sanitas Brewing  🍻Snowbound | Bringing Adventure Home In the heart of Boulder, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Snowbound’s outdoor-focused community, lies a hidden gem that’s redefining the art of building connections and supporting snow sports enthusiasts. Sanitas Brewing with its unique model of “Pints + Patios,” is more than just a brewery; it’s a community leader who understands … Read More

Neighborhoods in Boulder

Relocate to Boulder with ConfidenceMake yourself at home in Boulder, Co You know, folks, there are places in this world where the stars seem to align just right. They’re the kind of places that make you question why you’d ever live anywhere else. Boulder, Colorado, my friends, is one of those places. And let me tell you, if you’re considering … Read More