ski. chill. sweat.

Ski With Us Friday April 12th @ Eldora Spring is approaching and it’s time to catch a few last runs on the hill! Social interactions are what makes us humans tick. With Craig David Properties, it’s important to carve out time with friends, clients, and future clients to connect outside of technology. It just so happens that skiing and enjoying … Read More

Writing The Story

A lot of the real estate journey for me, as a professional, is about setting people up to realize their dreams. The dream home, the mountain getaway, maybe their last forever home, or simply a place to enjoy hobbies, family, and some good O’l fashion tinkering. I’ve compared the real estate journey to that of “writing a story,” or rather … Read More

Property Surveys: Navigating the Fine Print

So, you’ve found the perfect property—the one that’s going to send your portfolio skyrocketing, or at least, that’s the dream. But before you get too carried away, let’s talk about the fine print, my fellow investors. The devil, as they say, is in the details. When it comes to property purchases, your Contract to Buy is your gospel. It’s where … Read More

Invest Smart

Are you interested in how the market may be affecting you? Are you considering a move into a home or an investment property in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, or the mountains? Give yourself time and create a plan that works for you. Join Mike Echery and me in Boulder for this forum with real-life examples and how to simplify financing … Read More

The Legacy of Your Home

Remodeling With Purpose (1 of 2) Simplifying the process of remodeling can be extremely helpful. I think the saying goes “You have to slow down, to speed up” – in other words, slow down. Simplify the process, and ensure you’re prepared. It’s not a small undertaking, and there are a multitude of decisions to make, but the many pitfalls of … Read More

The 2024 Market: Growth + Stabilization

2024, The Year of Rising Inventory + A Throttled EconomyI’m not sure about you, and what you’re seeing, but it seems like the US economy is just this phenomena right now. We’ve weathered inflation, data shows that real estate prices bottomed out last summer, and we all assumed higher interest rates would have slowed down or dampened the economy – this is at its core, … Read More

The Spirit of Adventure. Amundsen Sports

Ski with us and make yourself at home in ColoradoSnowbound | Bringing Adventure Home 🏔️ Amundsen Sports: Rekindling the Spirit of Adventure At the heart of Snowbound and outdoor community, we’ve uncovered a treasure that’s bringing Scandinavian culture to your doorstep in Boulder. Amundsen Sports isn’t just about winter sportswear; it’s about timeless, long-lasting gear that fuses fashion and function, rooted in Norwegian … Read More

Skis + Pints & Patios

Experience Snowbound at Sanitas Brewing  🍻Snowbound | Bringing Adventure Home In the heart of Boulder, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Snowbound’s outdoor-focused community, lies a hidden gem that’s redefining the art of building connections and supporting snow sports enthusiasts. Sanitas Brewing with its unique model of “Pints + Patios,” is more than just a brewery; it’s a community leader who understands … Read More

November Market Outlook

Demand Continues + The Gift of Choice While Halloween is behind us, some still feel a bit spooked by what may lie ahead when it comes to buying and selling homes in Boulder and Denver alike. And despite the shifting market and general uncertainty, people are still buying and selling homes. We’re actually seeing a slight increase in inventory compared … Read More

Meadow & Mountain Lodge – Fairplay Living

Mountain living in Fairplay, Colorado. Relocate to the Colorado Mountains. Features: Welcome home to Fairplay, Colorado! With 40+ acres of gated + fenced land, flanked by Buena Vista to the west and access to any adventure imaginable via 285 or hwy 24, your dream home sits at the top of this amazing lot, which has come to be known as … Read More